(VIDEO) How To Find Your Property Investing Goldmine Area

How To Find Your Property Investing Goldmine Area

When starting out in property, it can be quite to find your specific niche property area.

However, in this video, I reveal how you can easily and effectively do this if you use these tips!

Here’s what you’ll gain by watching this video:

• How you can create more money from property quickly

• Which kinds of property areas to choose to actually create this income for yourself

• What factors to look out for in a potential property area

I hope you enjoy this video!

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About the Author

Kam Dovedi is a leading UK property expert. Known for testing, taking underperforming strategies and accelerating them, and teaching people how to create their own personal wealth, he has become the 'go to' person for investors and developers that would like to create, grow and accelerate their property investing and developing. Having been a property investor and developer for over 28 years, and having successfully implemented (and still does implement) a range of strategies from: buy to lets, HMOs, Permitted Developments, New Builds and Commercial Conversion means he has built-up a significant Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio. Kam passes his information, knowledge, and experience to his mentees in the Premier Property Inner Circle and people who read resources and attend training by Premier Property Education.

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