One Day Property Training Event in London Saturday 8th September 2018
Property Investors Success Day
"10 Winning Strategies To Profit From Property, Now"
With UK property expert and author Kam Dovedi
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Your Property Expert Kam Dovedi
Property Expert Kam Dovedi is a leading property investment strategist and over the last 28 years has built a substantial multi million pound portfolio, training thousands of budding property entrepreneurs to use the strategies he has mastered. Now a Bestselling author and founder of one of the leading property education companies Kam is making his knowledgeable accessible in this one-off, one day event. 
In the property market right now, there is so much uncertainty.

BREXIT, the tax changes, the finance changes, the legislation changes, the changes in leadership... have all happened at once. But where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity for you, and the Property Investors Success Day will show you how you can CASH in on these opportunities.

The Property Investors Success Day will be delivered personally by Kam Dovedi, and Kam doesn't know how many more of these he will be training, as at Premier Property we have some great people coming through. Having been Property Investing and Developing for over 28 years, and having implemented each and every one of the strategies talked about on the day, You will get first hand experience with Facts, Figures and Case Studies.
What I'll Be Sharing At This Unique Event
  •  Discover the 10 Winning Strategies you ought to know about and implement in 2018 to Profit from Property
  •   Discover the Strategies that are working EVEN better now than they were before all of the Tax, Finance and Legislation changes 
  •   Discover a System for CREATING and RETAINING wealth – making money in property and then how you KEEP this money and grow it
  •   Discover Money and Wealth Mindset – You will delve in to a Billionaires wealth creation strategy 
  •  How to create an actionable plan on how you can move forward in property in 2018
Is the Property Investors Success Day Day for You?
This is for you if you are:
  •  A New investor who doesn't know where to start, and want to find a way to move forward successfully in property
  •  A New investor who is confused with all the different strategies out there, and you would like piece of mind and clarity on what is best for you and is realistically achievable 
  •  An investor who would like to make 2018 a success in property, in the easiest, fastest and most profitable way.
  •  An Experienced investor who would like to take their property investing to the next level
  •   An Experienced investor who would like to be in the correct environment to move forward in property
  •  A New or Experienced investor who would like to learn from someone who has real life practical experience in the strategy you would like to implement
  •  An Experienced investor who wants to make sure their next step is the right step – a confirmation so you have peace of mind and confidence going forward
  •  Everyone who would like to network in an environment fully immersed in property investing and developing 
  •  An Investor who has chosen a strategy, that hasn't worked, and want to discover a new one that they are completely aligned with.
  •  An experienced property investor who is looking to choose an accelerated strategy to increase income and grow wealth further
  •  An investor who wants to proactively focus on their property investing business, rather than be working in the business 
By The End of The Day, You Will Know..
  •  You will have learned about all the 10 most important winning property strategies in 2018 and therefore you will be more aware of the strategies in the marketplace.
  •  You will be able to choose the correct strategies that work for you and you will fast track your property success as you will be aligned to the correct strategy for you.
  •  Through Professional support and guidance you will have Prepared a Plan to implement. A Bespoke Clear Strategic Action Plan for you to implement at the end of the day, so you feel clearer and are comfortable taking the next steps to your financial success. 
  •   You will also have a clear plan to identify strategies in the future, as well as today through the interactive exercises you go through in the training day. For example, we don't just give you a fish, we teach you how to fish, and this will be with you for the rest of your life. This will allow you to accelerate your success and fast track your ideal lifestyle.
  •  You will know about the BILLIONAIRES method for wealth creation and wealth retention so you can enjoy your property journey at the same time. 
  •  You will then be able to become a master in your strategy, through utilising the opportunities given on the day, which will allow you to live your life in the way you choose.
  •   By the end of the day, you will have a clear  step by step action plan in your work book which you keep, and work from in the future.
  •  You will have  seen and heard the property strategies that work, and are tried and tested. Ultimately, what this course does for you is  it saves you time, mistakes and pain of investing in property the wrong way.
  •  You will know how to go about taking your property investing and developing to the next level
  •  You will find a clear, and achievable strategy, that you can be a success in. So you can ultimately have more money, time and freedom to do what you enjoy.
What Other Students Have To Say:
Where is The Property Success Day:
The Grange Hotel 
10 Godliman St, 
St Pauls
Registration at 8.30am
Timings: 9am - 6pm
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Lunch & Refreshments Included.
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