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Your Premier Property Inner Circle Mastermind Dates

Your Next Premier Property Inner Circle Mastermind Day is on: 

  • Saturday 5th January 2019

Location: Premier Property HQ, Unit 4, Bourne Court, Southend Road, Woodford Green, London, IG8 8HD

Timings: Registration at 9:30am for a 10am start. Day Close is at 5pm. 

The following dates for the Premier Property Inner Circle Mastermind Day for you to add to your diary are:

  • Saturday 9th February 2019
  • Saturday 9th March 2019
  • Further 2019 Dates To Be Announced Soon

What is the Premier Property Inner Circle Mastermind Day?

A community you are a part of that that is dedicated to success, have the desire to create a life of freedom, and are taking educated action in the world of property.

We believe by being part of a community like this, where you meet on a monthly basis where you are supported by your peers who share the same values as you plays a massive part in how successful you can become.

So what happens on The Premier Inner Circle Mastermind Day?

Every month, we hold a complete day for you to be immersed in a focused and friendly environment.

On the Premier Property Inner Circle Mastermind day we assess the current property market together.

Any questions, obstacles and challenges you may have will be discussed and solutions created right there in the room so you can overcome them and you have the actionable steps ready to implement after you have attended the day.

We will also have interviews and talks each month from experts you will never meet speaking at networking events, highly niched in a particular field in the world of property.

We will discuss how you can create even greater profits from property.

As well as this, you can network with like-minded people on the same property journey and build business relationships, contacts and your own power team.

There will be interactive exercises for you to move forward faster in your property journey and friendly competitions and accountability at each mastermind day.

We believe the Premier Property Inner Circle is an environment which gives you the people, resources and information you need in order to become even more successful in property.

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