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Discover How You Can Profit From Property Auctions by Learning the Strategies Shared by two of the UK's Leading Property Auction Experts, Kam Dovedi & David Sanderman

What's Inside the Video Series?

Video #1 - How Much Money Can You Realistically Make At Auctions? 

Video #2 - What is Happening in the Property Auction Market Right Now?  

Video #3 - What Strategies Can You Use to Buy Successfully At Auction? 

Video #4 - What are the Key Tactics When You Are in The Auction Room? 

Video #5 - When do you do the deal, and When Do you get the BEST Deal?

Video #6 - What are the Under the Radar Strategies to SELL Property at Auction? 

Video #7 - How Do you Know What the Right Price is?

About Kam Dovedi

Kam Dovedi is a highly respected UK leading business and property expert.  

Kam has been investing for over 27 years and to date has implemented and still does implement a variety of property investing strategies successfully, such as: buy to lets, HMOs, Permitted Developments, New Builds and Commercial Conversions which means he has built up a Significant Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio. ​

His passion for Property is infectious and has allowed him to give back. Kam has been invited to speak at hundreds of events nationally, has mentored over 500 successful property investors, developers and entrepreneurs and is the founder of Premier Property Education.  

Kam is also the founder of Premier Portfolio Builder, an award winning property portfolio building service which actively buys between 10 - 19 property projects each month varying from Buy to Lets to Larger Developments.  

The knowledge Kam has gained over his 27 year property and business journey, has allowed him to become a published author of Boost Your Pension And Income: the smart investor’s guide to creating a profitable property portfolio; a book that has been praised by many UK leading property experts. 

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